Why the **** Do I Keep Getting Censored?

Why the **** Do I Keep Getting Censored?

It is not Anarchy, nor is it treason, to question those put in place to lead you; it is a natural check on the morality of the actions of singular men. The American Constitution was enacted in order to ensure the freedoms of it's citizens. The importance of free speech ranked so highly among our founders that it became part of the first amendment in the bill of rights. Why are we so willing to part from this? Why are we willing to allow censorship to be controlled by governing powers? Every time we witness a censorship, we witness the loss of liberty. We must retain the ability to publish and speak our truths; remember, sometimes the unpopular opinion is only unpopular because it is in disagreement, not because it is incorrect. 

It is the argument of parents that they do not want their children being exposed to such racist, insensitive, or overall inappropriate ideas, but could the censorship not be accomplished by themselves? This cancel culture is teaching our children that if they have ideas that others disapprove of, they will be shut down and silenced. If we never allow opposing viewpoints, we will never allow for change. we must teach our children not to cancel things they disagree with, but to educate others on why they believe what they are being exposed to is wrong. We need to give our children the power and knowledge to choose for themselves and help to educate those who are yet undecided. Yes, your children may form views that oppose your own, but maybe they will share something with you that you had not known before; maybe they could sway your view. Don't ask the government to remove the existence of ideas. Dive into them, discuss them with your children, and make a decision based on knowledge.

Mao Zedong had one of the most successful examples of cancel culture in modern history. The Kim family in North Korea has a successful cancel culture. The Apartheid in South Africa used cancel culture. What do all of these regimes have in common? They used cancel culture to silence those who would disagree with them in hopes of/ in order to establish an authoritarian dictatorial leadership. If you know your history, two of these ended in extreme protest and much unnecessary blood shed; the other is a nation enslaved by their ignorance to any other way of life. As an American, I signed a social contract for a Democratic Republic; I would prefer a true democracy, but Thomas Hobbes may make some valid points. I will not enter into a new contract; if these officials want change, they must take the proper channels. No longer can we ask our governance to take care of problems we should be handling ourselves. We must stand as a community, fight for what we want to see in our public schools, and lobby for changes and use proper means when we agree that something is not in America's best interest. Knowledge is power, and knowledge cannot grow without opposition, fore why would you question your own opinions; you created them after all. 

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