The Crest of Civil War

The Crest of Civil War

It isn't difficult to determine that a majority of the population is unhappy with our current administration. Approval ratings continue to drop, inflation and shortages continue to mount, and freedom seems a far off dream reserved for conspiracy theorists. There are many things so blatantly obvious that they need no further explanation (I say this, yet, the stupidity of some people continues to shock me on the daily), but my aim is to divulge further into a policy decision that has the underlying possibility of deepening the divide and causing a second civil war. 

The delegation of Covid policies to state and local officials. At first glance, this seems a turn in the right direction; any reallocation of power away from the federal government should be a positive thing, but we are in a unique time of national turbulence. Our citizens are divided deeply, and many are fearful for their lives, be it their actual life or their way of life. To either side, the opposing viewpoint stands to dissolve their "innate" freedoms, or those they believe to be innate. In a time of great turbulence blended with deepening fear, our country stands face to face with its most fervent aggressor, succession. Although delineation of powers to the states and localities can be perceived as a means to please all citizens, in this scenario, it is a weapon for further segregation. 

So the question arises, how can we move power away from the federal and closer to the hands of the people without causing a national divide? Within one country, we currently see some free to continue a relatively normal, pre-covid, way of life, and others subjected to mandates and unable to go about their daily lives. We have citizens leaving one style of governance to live where their values are being met. It would appear that our citizens have already drawn lines upon which to divide themselves, and our nation is on a direct collision course with civil war, so what can we do?

It is my belief, that an evaluation of our previous civil war could educate us on ways to avoid future turmoil. Many believe that the Civil War was fought solely on the premise of slavery, but to assume such things would be ignorant. During the mid-1800's, the country was divided on the issue of slavery, but more deeply on the legitimacy of the federal government. In an attempt to alleviate the suffering of one group of people, they diminished the freedoms of another. According to Robert Nozick, A government entity cannot stand legitimate when its actions deplete the freedom of one individual for the safety/ comfort of another. A government exists to serve all of its constituents equally, and, thus, no one person's safety should prevail over another's freedom due to government interference, and any government operating as such relinquishes its status as legitimate over the suppressed. When the government destroys its legitimacy in the eyes of a large percentage of the population, we can see a civil movement; if that civil movement gains steam and promotion from prominent individuals, the probability of a revolution becomes frightening.

We are currently in a state of rebellion transforming into a mass revolution. This is not a Trump v. Biden fight, this is a freedom v. security fight. A battle is being waged among the masses as to how much liberty they are willing to sell in exchange for a bit of security. Our country was built by radicals evading an overbearing government, thus, our Constitution does not offer the power to establish social welfare programs . The addition of such programs allowed the federal government to seize powers they were never intended to possess. Welfare programs are not free, and not actually government provided; they are citizen provided, with money collected forcibly from American citizens. Welfare programs are not bad in themselves, but should not fall in the hands of the government. Private entities could easily provide, and do provide, a multitude of services to their community. The more the citizens ask of a government, the less power it holds against it. The simple fact is that a government that does nothing is far less likely to stir turmoil than one that attempts to alleviate the problems of one by deepening those of another.  

I fear we are headed down a path of no return, but I offer a hypothesis; with growing disapproval inability to establish policies, our federal government has reallocated powers to our states and localities in Covid related decision making, this has also stemmed to voting laws. My theory stands as this, have the federal government create and pass a law allowing private entities to make their own decisions based on the needs/ wants of their clientele, but require every business to list its policies prior to entering the facility. With a law as such in place the private entities will operate in manner to remain in business and citizens may either choose to use their services or find another provider of the same. If a business chooses to operate maskless and open to both vaxed and unvaxed, and they notice that most of their regulars have stopped attending, they will likely change their policies or go out of business. Another bonus of placing the powers into the hands of private entities is the sheer number of them. With so many targets to shed blame upon, it is unlikely that a large group of people will share in holding the same entity as the opposition thus lessening the likelihood of a revolt. 

A civil war is on the horizon, and we are grasping for a handhold. There is no guarantee that new allowances and reductions in power will have the desired effect, but if nothing is done, I fear our fate is sealed.

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