This Is Getting Scary

This Is Getting Scary

"What the Fuck is going on?" Each and every day this world gets more and more terrifying. I'm scared for our future and our lives. Why is America more frightening today than it ever has been? We are a nation dived; we are a nation outraged. We are in a volatile and terrifying state. My husband asked me, "do you think we will ever see a boots on the ground war on American soil?" It was in this moment, in this train of thought, that I realized the reason I'm so scared of our segregated populous. My entire life, I would have said no to this question, but now, I can't say that the notion is implausible. This was always a question of international affairs, but now, I fear something on the domestic front. The deeper our divide gets, the more I fear a war of a civil nature. 

In the past, there have been many divisive issues, but voter turnout remained relatively low and incumbents remained in power. What we're seeing now is a movement. People are enraged and divided on a mass scale. The voter turnout (be it false or not) has been higher than ever before, underdogs are beating out incumbents, and the white house approval rating takes us back to the days of the Hoover administration. In hopes for a fighting chance against this egregious federal overreach, people are turning to their state and local governments; in many cases these officials are not disappointing, and when they are, they are being replaced. 

The American people are alert and watching. Many are sick of having the wool pulled over their eyes "for their own good". There exists, through technology, a resistance that, despite national media demonizing them, is rising and growing in popularity. Advocates on either side have the ability to broadcast to the entire world whatever information they want whenever they want. Rallies used to be performed to get people amped up and pull them together, but these could only reach so far. Today, we can reach billions of supporters with a click of a button. This can be an amazing tool, but it could also be the turmoil in the stirred pot. Those who are angry and scared have a place to put their faith. They find alternative news sources, new social media outlets ( their free speech has been banned on all the typical ones), and some have even changed their daily routine to support others who support the cause, and avoid helping those in favor of the opposing viewpoint. There are even some who have discounted the lives of the opposition as unimportant (i.e. those who believe non-vaxers do not deserve medical treatment). 

We are at the point where some are so biased that they have lost sight of the value of a human life. It's ironic that their stance is that everyone needs the jab to save lives, and they have totaled forsaken a major portion of the populous. I feel as though I am seeing the makings of a genocide. First, they will strip the non-vaxers of their humanity, then no one will disagree with their extermination. So, the White House wants to reach 100% vaccination and take away the ability to live an average life for anyone who fights this? Yeh, people are outraged and reacting strongly, but they need people in power to stand with them, and, in this case, the resistance has power. When the resistance has the political power that it does, we have created a true conflict that will need to see a resolution; we can only hope for peaceful compromise. If both sides have the same access to weaponry, will it hinder the fighting, or will it encourage it? In our current state, we have a separatist, unwavering federal government and a rebellion stronghold declaring war for their freedom. The rebellion is not ready to compromise, nor are they ready to be silenced, and the federal government will continue to push. Compromise is not likely on the horizon unless we can refresh the ideals within our White House. The resistance already has whispers of war; if the White House does not stand down from their march across our freedoms, I fear, there will be dire consequences. 

Now is the time for us all to stand and to elect officials that want our freedoms to be upheld. Reject the traditional main stream media; it's full of lies and coercion. If something is unjust, take a stand; just because it seems like a good idea, doesn't make it just. Fight to revoke laws that give political seats more power. Do something with your voice before the only choice is to pick up arms. We must stop the storm that's coming, or we will all be devoured by its devastation. 

Resist we must, and we will.

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