The Second Great Divide

The Second Great Divide

When climates are hostile, and information is plentiful, but frequently flawed, we try to choose our alignments with all the information available. We become scientists, organizing facts and evidence and formulating hypotheses. We argue our point holding these truths so rigidly that we forget the humanity of it all. We are a nation in turmoil for we are a nation divided. Our lines of division deepen further due to a myriad of available information from a variety of channels, the ongoing struggle of operating under a two party system, and the actions of public figures.
We are in the time of the second great divide, and a civil war could very well be upon us; if we are to survive this as a unified and free nation, we must find grounds to reunite upon, or, at the very least, identify the structures put in place to keep us divided.

America has always been the land of choice. Immigrants have come from countries all over the world in search of the American dream: freedom, freedom to speak out against oppression, freedom to choose the right medical procedures for themselves and their families, freedom to own land, pure freedom at its best. Where are we now? Since the first great divide, we have continued, as a populous, to relinquish our freedoms and the freedoms of our state and local governance to the greater federal powers in hopes that it will ease our strife.

In this age, many do not even consider a private option for assistance and immediately seek the government thus deviating some of their power in exchange for a small payout. Did you know that many churches and communities have local assistance programs for things such as bills and groceries? The private sector is more than capable of supplying assistance programs supplied by those who can and wish to afford it; we need only change our habits.

Some of our public figures have started to advocate for greater state's rights and more individual freedoms of choice. They risk many of their popular votes in this because some do not see how much they are giving up to feel safe for a temporary time. There are opposing public figures who would argue that we cannot be trusted with our freedoms for the safety of the greater good. This was in fact the argument of many of the founding fathers, and it is why we do not have a true democracy to this day. Their solution was The Constitution of the United States of America, a living document to change with the course of the nation and be amended by a nonpartisan court. 

Through our history, we have followed this document and amended it to fit the issues of the times. In times of crisis in recent years, however, our executive branch has forgone this tediously thought out system to "better serve our nation". All these moves have done is further extend the power of the executive branch. We have come to the point where we are witnessing the birth of a dictatorial oligarchy. It is time that we speak out for the powers of our state and local governments. It is time that we reject the expansion of the executive branch without the approval of the Supreme Court, and it is time that we stand for our own personal freedoms as American citizens united under one constitution. We are becoming divided deeply over those who feel they are obeying the law and doing the right thing and those who know their granted liberties. When our public officials are acting illegally, our citizens are likely to be reasonably confused, but follow in suit for the risk of punishment. If your public figures are conflicted, so too will be your populous. 

The American people are further divided along party lines. Washington warned us in his Farewell Address of the dangers of a two party system, but throughout history, we have continued not to heed his warning, and, once again, it is tearing us apart. During Civil War times, we were a nation divided, not on the issue of slavery as so many believe, but more so on the basis of states rights. Slavery was an issue that would have been resolved by states rights, and , thus, was a huge issue prompting the civil war.

The Democrats of the time, primarily southern, were protesting for a state's right to formulate its own laws. Everyone today would agree that slavery is repulsive, and many of Americans would have agreed then as well. The people were confused and distracted into believing that relinquishing power to the executive branch and out of the hands of the states was the only way to end slavery...It wasn't, but the nation was so divided, and the hatred was stoked rather than smothered, so we resulted in a nation of bloodshed, and too many needless American lives lost.

We have continued these political parties through our history, and today we stand on similar volatile grounds as we did before the civil war. Our President does not try to soothe these tensions, but only strengthens them further. He has turned the Republican Party into a beast to be hated. He has, quite literally, revoked the number of medical treatments promised to states because they are not following his rule. They are segregating the people to prevent their strength. The opinion rating of Biden continues to Plummet day in and day out. They are scared and need to solidify themselves as your backbone. Hold strong together as Americans.


Well said.


Well said. The Divided states are the enslaved states but United under the false flags of safety over liberty will only end in Tyranny.


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