Our Country Needs a Hero, Not an Idol

Our Country Needs a Hero, Not an Idol

I find myself noticing something very interesting lately; now, maybe it's my age and the resulting change in my environment, but it seems that people have, through recent elections and the pandemic, pulled their interests from celebrities and placed them upon political figures and activists. Although this change may eventually lead to a return to our nation's intended freedoms, we must fear the idolization traditionally placed on those in the spotlight. We're residing in a nation on the tipping point. The word revolution has been spread through growing whispers. Americans are deciding where their alliances lie and whom will lead them through this catastrophe. After the Americans had won the Revolutionary War, many wanted to appoint Washington as king creating a new aristocracy, but Washington refused this repressive style of governance that they had just fought so fervently to free themselves of. We are so blessed that the man our ancestors chose as their idol was also a hero. He was of upstanding character and overwhelming intelligence and wanted what would best serve this new blossoming nation. Had he been a lesser man, our America never would have existed.

My greatest fear today is that the faces of idolization are not the faces of heroes as well. Many have idolized Trump; they have placed him upon a throne as the leader of their fight to retain their freedoms. With the mounting disapproval for our president, many of his supporters have begun to to appear much like a cult following. Come 2024, if Trump is re-elected, who will be left as the opposing force? Would Trump feel blessed or cursed by the silencing of the voices of the opposition? During the times of building our nation, there were many different viewpoints of how it should be done. Rather than surrounding himself with individuals who were all in the same mindset, he chose individuals who stood on opposite sides of the spectrum, this in turn may have resulted in his worst nightmare, the two party system, but i digress. Washington believed that ideas should be plentiful and checked by opposing viewpoints, and in order for a debate to occur, the voices of the opposition must be in a place where they can be heard. 

Washington, America's first idol, wanted fairness, freedom, and debate, but what does Trump want? Has he earned the right to be called our idol by first being our hero? I cannot speak on his motivations, but I feel a study of his character and history allows me to formulate educated answers to my questions. Has Trump ever been the type to willingly relinquish power? He's a business man by nature and trade. This trait make him likable because he knows how to control a situation, but It also means that he is able to manipulate to gain power. A business man's aim is traditionally to seize as much power as possible; their end-game is generally to be on the top with everyone else below them. As a president, these traits come in handy for uniting people, inspiring crowds, and negotiating with our neighbors, but characteristics as such are dangerous in an idol. 

If Trump were to become so popular that his opinions are seen as a sort of law or command, much like that of a deity,  and his followers a mass cult culture, the minority will be silenced. Although much of their opinions are flawed, they are growing smaller and smaller everyday; we need a leader who still values their opinions and ensures that their voices are heard. If there is an attempt to silence the minority or even the premise that the threat of silence exists, there will be a greater divide and thus furthered violence. Not only have Trump's personality traits built his following, but also a savior complex. Many Americans are looking for someone to save our nation as our federal government continues to destroy it and our freedom. As many are placing Trump in the hero role, I fear their reliance upon him will blind their ability to see his radical viewpoints and polarizing nature. 

Unfortunately, as things in America slip into deeper turmoil, gas prices rising, grocery stores empty, violence in the streets grows, I believe it is human nature to want and need a savior, a leader. Trump is currently the selected leader due to idolization, but we need a shift of focus. What we need right now is another Washington; someone with genuine hope for freedom. Someone who can inspire the masses. Our country needs someone who believes in the sanctity of the American Constitution and reestablishing state's rights. We need a true leader. Gov. Ron DeSantis may seem to be radical if you listen to the mainstream media, but within recent years, he has only proven his loyalty to the Constitution. He inspires his people  and has continued to be a hero for many Floridians. I truly wish he could be the hero America needs as well. 

DeSantis it's what America craves


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