Advocate for a Yin and Yang Mentality

Advocate for a Yin and Yang Mentality

Why is it the belief of advocates that in order to advance the power of one group, we must tear away the powers of another. This is a high school mentality. One girl will tear down another in order to feel better about themselves. Much like high school, this method will only result in division and hatred. True power, true freedom, they come from banding together and removing the social prejudices from our society. By creating further prejudices against another group, we are only admitting our approval of the existence of such. 

The right to advocating and protesting for what is right is an age old tradition and should most certainly be upheld, but even the law of freedom of speech must have certain limitations. These limitations should not be put into place by the government, but by the citizens who choose to follow and study these movements. Our freedom of speech should never be stifled, but neither should our freedom to listen, or more importantly, not listen. 

Feminist movements are appealing to anyone in favor of true equality for all, but if you dive deeper into many of these advocate groups, you will see that their true agenda is not equality, but superiority. They are only furthering the problem in hopes to flip the axis leaving a new alpha group. A majority of American citizens would agree that women should have the same rights as men, and many of them would even agree that this is not currently the case. Many are not as ignorant and biased as the media and these groups would have you believe; there is a strong rejection for the feminist movement because it is a movement of superiority not equality. We need not remove the freedoms and powers of men; we need only strengthen those provided to women. We do this by removing the idea that we are different based on gender. Gender does not define us; we are born either a man or woman, and yes, we do have certain physical differences, but could either be described as wholly better or worse? No, a man may be stronger, but a woman is more flexible. A man can produce babies for his entire life, but he may never naturally carry and birth a child. We are equal when we are balanced.

Let's really stir the pot here. How about the black lives matter movement? The premise of this movement is inexplicably important, but the manner of acquisition is flawed beyond belief. Rather than pulling our people together and attempting to cause a nationwide colorblindness, they caused an uprising against all whites. The idea for those who have followed is to further free our country from black prejudice and to fight white supremacy, but the hidden agenda of furthering racial divides has begun to show through more prominently. Everyday things that are seen to be as traditionally "white" are being banned from culture. This is not the way. We are removing traces of history; a flawed history indeed, but it is our history. It is the history that shows us the fight that has been fought and the obstacles that have been overcome, so we may never return to the state we once were. We must leave these symbols and relics as a warning of where we have been, so our future generations will never repeat our mistakes. We need to bring awareness of the gravity of the injustices directly placed upon black Americans, but we cannot free one race while enslaving another. We need not follow the slave and master mentality any longer.

We are equal as American people. We must stand together as one for our overall freedom. We cannot further divides on racial or gender lines. Together we are strong and we are balanced. Together we can build a better future with all of our joined histories coinciding for an equal community. The government would have you believe that it is due to white supremacy groups that there is still such great racial injustice, but it is a direct result of government inequality. The government allows for wealthier neighborhoods to have better schools by funding them further based on test scores not based on need. Neighborhoods with higher crime (poorer neighborhoods) don't get the government's attention and the re-gentrification funding. If they do, the people who already have their homes and businesses there are pushed out, not incorporated in, so they may prosper as well. Many will argue that we all have the same opportunities, but we do not. Ask your government, why do our public schools provide different levels of education? Why does the suburban school have a computer lab and my son's inner city school doesn't even have its own library? Equality starts with the adjustment or dismantlement of social programs, not with the isolation of the largest group of masses. 

We are Yin and Yang. We balance one other with our strengths and weaknesses. Like the traditional Yin and Yang symbol, both men and women, both blacks and whites, make up the same portion of the circle, they are equal in size, and both are necessary to form the whole circle. We need not any controlling force when we see and live by this sense of equality and necessity. 

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